Future Automotive Technology to Watch

It does not seem like flying cars on the horizon, but some new innovations within automotive electronics and technology are being tested that should improve the functionality and safety of cars far beyond what we have today.

Cars Can Talk To Each Other

Actually, there are already some crash avoidance systems installed in higher-end cars today. These actually came out of modifications to military technology. The same basic systems that can aim a bomb might be able to help you avoid an accident.

This is because vehicles will actually be able to speak with each other, so there will not be any bad surprises when the guy behind you just needs to get ahead, or the guy in front of you decides to slam on the breaks. Your vehicle can use this communication system to react a lot faster than you can.

In the end, the cars might truly take over. That is, they might drive themselves. You might be able to program your new destination in the same way that you set your GPS today.

Cars That Tell Mechanics What To Fix

Vehicles today already throw codes to a computer so a mechanic can tell which systems are causing a problem. But new cars may even be able to throw images of damaged parts with a sort of augmented reality. Instead of needing to guess why the code is getting sent, a technician will be able to visualize the problem very clearly.

Air Bags On The Outside

Do you ever wonder why the mildest wreck has to do so much damage to your bumpers or frame? In the future, there may actually be air bags that deploy on the outside of your vehicle. This not only protects the passengers, but it can also protect the metal on the outside of your vehicles. I picture a day when cars are coated with some sort of heavy duty synthetic material that has enough give to survive a minor accident, and can help prevent damages and injuries for major ones.

Energy Collection

You know how hot cars get in the summer. Why can’t cars store this energy and use it? Some scientists have been asking this question, and they are working on ways to develop body panels that can collect solar energy that could be used to power the vehicle or internal systems. Why look for a charger when the sun is on every day, and the energy is free to collect?

Are You Excited About Future Cars?

You might still be disappointed that you may never get to drive a flying car. But future car automotive technology may surprise, amaze, and delight you anyway. It will be a great day when the risk of accidents gets reduced, cars can drive themselves, and they do not use up as much fuel. While these cars are not for sale yet, the next decade should bring some surprises.